Saturday, September 20, 2008

The art of public speaking: disarming the audience

Our article today is going to focus on disarming immediate preoccupation of your audience. Now I know that it is a kind of tricky terms but let’s simplify things, one of the most valuable questions to ask yourself before you speak is to figure out whether your audience are willing to trust what you have to say in front of them or not.OKAY now,what is the one thing that my audience is totally skeptical about?
Here are some hints and tips on how to disarm the preoccupation of any audience.

1) Honesty first

You have no alternative than saying the truth and nothing but the truth. People will appreciate your sincerity and reward you with their full attention. What’s more, you are validating the credibility of everything you utter.

2) social proof

Consider sharing testimonials from past programs that worked with you or with costumers and how it has impacted their lives, show the proof that screams loud that what you teach does really work as it worked with others. What you really need to concentrate on is to choose the ideal way to induce your audience, as I said, showing testimonials is one of them, but that doesn’t mean to exclude other ways from your calculations. You may use facts and bona fide statistics to appeal to people’s logic, or will you appeal emotions with successful people who have used what you are teaching? Choose what you see that fits. Of course the recommended approach is to make a combination of the two ways that can guarantee more pleasant outcomes.

3) believe what you say

In order for them to believe on what you say, you have to first believe it, otherwise nobody will give a make this an achievable task, one should be passionate ,enthusiastic and zealous about the subject matter, release your energy out to the extend that they can sense it.BELIVE in what you are saying and you will see an immediate response which is your first and foremost objective.

In conclusion,make sure that give a greate deal of your energy to work on your final points as studies have revealed are the most remembered make sure that your audience have imprinted what you tought them in their minds.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Art Of Public Speaking : The power of pause

I cannot overemphasize the importance of making pauses during your presentations.pauses are one of most important things that generate and produce power to your speechs.If you want to call attention to a particular thought,pause just before its utterance and you will notice its impact on the audience right after you say it.

A pause automatically makes your talk comprehensibly and builds your audience’s relaxation simultaneously.what you say after a pause will have more effect than if no pause had accured. Another benefit that will derive from making pauses is…WAIT A MINUTE, have you ever been watching a recoreded foot-ball match,and throughout this process,someone has just stepped in and let slip the score? What would be your feelings? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ….!!! If you know the score beforehand,then there’s no reason to watch it.the fact is :You loose the suspense,aren’t you? well, It’ll bear the same result if no pauses are make during the have to bear in mind that suspense is what makes your audience alert and vigilant to what next point you are by adding the power of pause to your arsenal,you have in the hands all what it takes to arouse and maintain suspense.

My final thought is: watch out the way you talk and the way you insert pauses,because by doing so you keep them waiting for what is next and therefore,gaining there full attention which is your ultimate goal first and foremost.

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