Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fear Public Speaking

Fear public speaking? Well, you are not alone.surveys all over the world have shown that the fear of public speaking is the fear that outranks all the other sorts of you can imagine how people are feeling towards public speaking.for me,reducing the fear of public speaking is not rocket science.the key is without doubt is to be prepared physically and this article,I give simple tips and hints on how to diminish that fear.

I am pretty sure,that most of the people who are having problems standing up before a large number of people have never asked themselves why do we feel afraid.those people are continually looking for a magical formula to banish that fear of public far,they haven’t found it,as its simply doesn’t exist.the alternative that left for us is to minimize fear public speaking as possibly as we can.

The followings are techniques and tactics that I personally use to exclude my name from those who fear public speaking.

Look at it this,having such feelings could have many advantages.believe it or leave it.being afraid will be a major effect on the way you prepare.its going to drive you toward preparing,organizing and practicing even better to meet people’s expectations about your performance,so as to avoid any unpleasant scenarios.
More importantly,If everything goes as it’s already planned to,then expect a boost in your self-esteem from the feeling and satisfaction that you will gain out of a great let us back to reality,read on.

What I want you to do now is to look for an empty room where nobody can reach could the bedroom on your bed,on the floor or even outside your home.lay your back down the floor.close your eyes and take deep breaths.listen to your breaths,your heartbeats and try to match your breaths to your heartbeats so that you listen only to them.continue in this situation for five minutes or now,you should be so relaxed and your brain is ready to paint any picture for you.the ideal thing to do at this particular moment is to use the power of visualization to work for you.what I mean here is to visualize yourself on the stage,talking to people perfectly.look at your face,the way you talk,the way you convince and the way people respond to you.feel it and believe it.try to involve all your five sensations in the visualization process.smell,see,touch and hear as much as you possibly this point,you should have reached your feelings zenith.this strong feelings is what I want you to generate.if you feel that.congratulations,you have gone half-way toward your great performance.what is left depends on how good you prepare and organize your presentation.

Still fear public speaking ? I’m sure that you’re not.aren’t you.well just go and do exactly what I mentioned above.and I promise you that the results will be astonishing as your name will be keep out the list of people whom fear public speaking.

What I mentioned so far will undoubtedly help you to be prepared psychologically during your quest of shrinking the fear public the rest of the article is going to tackle the problems that you may have regarding the preparation for such public speaking event.
If you are unprepared for giving a speech then how would you feel? For sure,you would feel afraid and terrified.however,with a plan at hand,you’ll feel secured and protected.won’t you? Let us see……

The day before the public speaking event :
- visit the room and stand on the stage.
- Imagine yourself talking and conversing with members of your audience.
- Find confortable positions

The night before the public speaking event :

- relax
- devide your presentation into three or four pieces then create a mental picture about which goes first,second…
- Eat and sleep early..

The day of speaking :

- Do some yoga some physiqual efforts this will certainly increase Oxygen in your blood
- Dress well.the style of your cloths should go hand in hand with the topic of the presentation.
- memorize the major points of your presentation.

During the public speaking event :

- do not think about fear of public as much you can to kick this idea out of your mind.rather,focus on the benefits that you will reap as an outcome.
- Breath deeply and steadly.
- Use your body language to strengthen your ideas.
- make eye contact with them as connects you “as a public speaker” to them “as an audience”

Up to this point,I hope that you have enjoyed and learnt something of value.what is written above is the same exact technique that I use to reduce the fear of public speaking and of course to be ready to perform well on the stage.Thank you and good luck !

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