Friday, November 21, 2008

The art of public speaking: The importance of communication skills

Being able to communicate as good as Barak Obama is something that cannot be acquired overnight.Such ability to speak to groups of people and impacting them in a positive sense doesn’t accur automatically.Although,It’s possible as other skills such as reading and writing,but still,presenting is a wholly different matter.

Going through all the processes related to public speaking from preparing to rehearsing,and from organizing to delivering is somehow seems to be a hard skill to pin-down.this require you to have the charisma that is crucial to organize thoughts and
Let them out in manner that influences people to understand,believe or simply to act.Of course,these skills may be assimilated by life experiences.but,if you really want to deepen and shorten the track to reach the end,you should be very careful and attentive as your quest to master this skill goes on.

You know that in our world today.communication becomes a part and parcel of our daily life.the question is wether you are up to it or not.because if not,then there are others who are capable to take the have seriously to take some time and think deeply about it because these days you are evaluated according to wether you are a great communicator or not.Just take a look at people who are leading in their fields.certainly and undoubtedly,they are great if not outstanding speakers.Do you think it’s a coincidence? I don’t think so.You are to not think so.and you are to start working on mastering the skill of public speaking because it’s the only factor that will be taken in account wherever you go in our competitive society.

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The art of public speaking: The question-and-answer session

Having finished suming up your presentation’s main points and objectives.Now it’s time to think about giving your audience the chance to speak their this particular moment,you should be very sensitive in shifting the spotlight fom you to them.because if you do that in unexpected manner.chances are your audience will be perplexed, and none of them can pose a question only because you haven’t given them time to articulate their thoughts accurately and properly.though,If you indicate at the beginning and/or at the end that you will give them the opportunity to get their questions answered.Then,be sure that your question-and-answer session will be as exciting as your presentation.

There are certain rules to be respected when it comes to the transition process from the presentation to the interaction session.Among these,Stating the kind of questions that will be answered as well as the number.So,making such limitation will keep the course of this session as concise and to the point as possible.

Now,and after you have stated your rules,It’s time to aswer their questions.This might be a bit difficult as what are they going to raise is something out of your reach.however,with good preparation,you shall be able to answer as many questions as you can.An effective way to do so is to ask your collegues to find as many questions as their minds can possibly generate concerning the subject matter.Then,devote some time to answer these questions as long as they are related to the topic of your presentation.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

How to overcome the public speaking phobia

Public speaking Phobia or public speaking fear is a psychological obstacle that faces most of the people when they asked to deliver a presentation in front of people.Usually, this public speaking phobia stem from the way we think about public speaking. What if people laugh on what I say? What if I forgot something? What if I couldn’t answer their questions? What if I couldn’t convince them? And the list of questions goes on and on.

To be condid,most of the people are asking themselves these questions In one way or in another before they speak.However,what makes the difference here is how willing you are to answer them and therefore to triumph your fears. Some people take the initiate steps whereas others remain passive, thus never make it through. To help you even further, look at some articles that I have posted in this blog that surely can help banish your fear.

Making this fear vanished is not as easy as it sounds. It requires, however some time and energy to spend. Focusing the aspects of your presentation is the sure-fire way to do so. This ranges from researching your topic to organizing it, and from preparing it to delivering it. As I said, you can find articles tackling every aspect of your presentation in this blog.

Being prepared and organized will certainly boost your self-esteem as well as self-confidence. In the meantime, it helps to minimize your fears and anxiety.

Ultimately, I hope that you use what is contained in blog in your quest of banishing your public speaking phobia.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Great Public Speaking Jobs

Having the flair for speaking in public? Then the whole public speaking jobs field is at your disposal.Companies,organizations and associations are longing to hire you.public speaking is a part and parcel of today’s communication,and you cannot imagine an economic progress without communication,can you ?
Being skillful in public speaking will open a world of opportunities for you.will provide the job of your dreams.because our economy hinges on,I post some of the top public speaking jobs that require great communication abilities:

-Public relations
-Advertising agent
-spokesman or spokeswoman
- Theatrical Critic
-Press Agent
-Radio News Announcer
-TV Show Host
-Contracts and Licensing Liaison
-Community College Instructor
-Public speaking instructor

Bearing in mind that the abovementioned jobs are highly profitable as well as demanded in the market today.So take the initial steps to have the job of your dreams.a job that aligns your potential.

Public Speaking Topics

There are a myriad of things that a presenter can do to entice his or her audience.Among these,Talking about the most recent public speaking topics.Finding a great public speaking topic is not a hard task.However,it requires some time to invest.Well,there are a huge number of public speaking topics that are available everywhere”Libraries,newspaper,mahazines,TV,radio,press releases,documents,booklets and of course the internet”
Just to help you even more,here are some of the most recent and hot public speaking topics:
-The world’s financial crisis
-Food crisis
-Gay marriage
-Global warning
-climate changes

What you have to a particular attention is not the topic itself.Rather,how is it compatible to the nature of your audience.Does it intrest them? Does it meet their expectations? Does is orhanized in a way that can persuade,inform or simply entertain them ?
The list of the questions can go on and on.Another important factor to take into account is how you back up your information? Do you have any reliable sources to support your arguments ?
All what is mentioned above should be taken into consideration when you brainstorm the topic of your upcoming public speaking event.
Of course,your topic may vary in accordance with the nature and the type of your audience.For instance,If you are talking to a group of business people,you won’t talk about cuisine recipes.Will you ?

Ultimately,before thinking about singling out a topic to talk about,study your audience first.Lear their expectations and work on finding out a topic that fulfill their prospects.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fear Public Speaking

Fear public speaking? Well, you are not alone.surveys all over the world have shown that the fear of public speaking is the fear that outranks all the other sorts of you can imagine how people are feeling towards public speaking.for me,reducing the fear of public speaking is not rocket science.the key is without doubt is to be prepared physically and this article,I give simple tips and hints on how to diminish that fear.

I am pretty sure,that most of the people who are having problems standing up before a large number of people have never asked themselves why do we feel afraid.those people are continually looking for a magical formula to banish that fear of public far,they haven’t found it,as its simply doesn’t exist.the alternative that left for us is to minimize fear public speaking as possibly as we can.

The followings are techniques and tactics that I personally use to exclude my name from those who fear public speaking.

Look at it this,having such feelings could have many advantages.believe it or leave it.being afraid will be a major effect on the way you prepare.its going to drive you toward preparing,organizing and practicing even better to meet people’s expectations about your performance,so as to avoid any unpleasant scenarios.
More importantly,If everything goes as it’s already planned to,then expect a boost in your self-esteem from the feeling and satisfaction that you will gain out of a great let us back to reality,read on.

What I want you to do now is to look for an empty room where nobody can reach could the bedroom on your bed,on the floor or even outside your home.lay your back down the floor.close your eyes and take deep breaths.listen to your breaths,your heartbeats and try to match your breaths to your heartbeats so that you listen only to them.continue in this situation for five minutes or now,you should be so relaxed and your brain is ready to paint any picture for you.the ideal thing to do at this particular moment is to use the power of visualization to work for you.what I mean here is to visualize yourself on the stage,talking to people perfectly.look at your face,the way you talk,the way you convince and the way people respond to you.feel it and believe it.try to involve all your five sensations in the visualization process.smell,see,touch and hear as much as you possibly this point,you should have reached your feelings zenith.this strong feelings is what I want you to generate.if you feel that.congratulations,you have gone half-way toward your great performance.what is left depends on how good you prepare and organize your presentation.

Still fear public speaking ? I’m sure that you’re not.aren’t you.well just go and do exactly what I mentioned above.and I promise you that the results will be astonishing as your name will be keep out the list of people whom fear public speaking.

What I mentioned so far will undoubtedly help you to be prepared psychologically during your quest of shrinking the fear public the rest of the article is going to tackle the problems that you may have regarding the preparation for such public speaking event.
If you are unprepared for giving a speech then how would you feel? For sure,you would feel afraid and terrified.however,with a plan at hand,you’ll feel secured and protected.won’t you? Let us see……

The day before the public speaking event :
- visit the room and stand on the stage.
- Imagine yourself talking and conversing with members of your audience.
- Find confortable positions

The night before the public speaking event :

- relax
- devide your presentation into three or four pieces then create a mental picture about which goes first,second…
- Eat and sleep early..

The day of speaking :

- Do some yoga some physiqual efforts this will certainly increase Oxygen in your blood
- Dress well.the style of your cloths should go hand in hand with the topic of the presentation.
- memorize the major points of your presentation.

During the public speaking event :

- do not think about fear of public as much you can to kick this idea out of your mind.rather,focus on the benefits that you will reap as an outcome.
- Breath deeply and steadly.
- Use your body language to strengthen your ideas.
- make eye contact with them as connects you “as a public speaker” to them “as an audience”

Up to this point,I hope that you have enjoyed and learnt something of value.what is written above is the same exact technique that I use to reduce the fear of public speaking and of course to be ready to perform well on the stage.Thank you and good luck !

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The art of public speaking: disarming the audience

Our article today is going to focus on disarming immediate preoccupation of your audience. Now I know that it is a kind of tricky terms but let’s simplify things, one of the most valuable questions to ask yourself before you speak is to figure out whether your audience are willing to trust what you have to say in front of them or not.OKAY now,what is the one thing that my audience is totally skeptical about?
Here are some hints and tips on how to disarm the preoccupation of any audience.

1) Honesty first

You have no alternative than saying the truth and nothing but the truth. People will appreciate your sincerity and reward you with their full attention. What’s more, you are validating the credibility of everything you utter.

2) social proof

Consider sharing testimonials from past programs that worked with you or with costumers and how it has impacted their lives, show the proof that screams loud that what you teach does really work as it worked with others. What you really need to concentrate on is to choose the ideal way to induce your audience, as I said, showing testimonials is one of them, but that doesn’t mean to exclude other ways from your calculations. You may use facts and bona fide statistics to appeal to people’s logic, or will you appeal emotions with successful people who have used what you are teaching? Choose what you see that fits. Of course the recommended approach is to make a combination of the two ways that can guarantee more pleasant outcomes.

3) believe what you say

In order for them to believe on what you say, you have to first believe it, otherwise nobody will give a make this an achievable task, one should be passionate ,enthusiastic and zealous about the subject matter, release your energy out to the extend that they can sense it.BELIVE in what you are saying and you will see an immediate response which is your first and foremost objective.

In conclusion,make sure that give a greate deal of your energy to work on your final points as studies have revealed are the most remembered make sure that your audience have imprinted what you tought them in their minds.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Art Of Public Speaking : The power of pause

I cannot overemphasize the importance of making pauses during your presentations.pauses are one of most important things that generate and produce power to your speechs.If you want to call attention to a particular thought,pause just before its utterance and you will notice its impact on the audience right after you say it.

A pause automatically makes your talk comprehensibly and builds your audience’s relaxation simultaneously.what you say after a pause will have more effect than if no pause had accured. Another benefit that will derive from making pauses is…WAIT A MINUTE, have you ever been watching a recoreded foot-ball match,and throughout this process,someone has just stepped in and let slip the score? What would be your feelings? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ….!!! If you know the score beforehand,then there’s no reason to watch it.the fact is :You loose the suspense,aren’t you? well, It’ll bear the same result if no pauses are make during the have to bear in mind that suspense is what makes your audience alert and vigilant to what next point you are by adding the power of pause to your arsenal,you have in the hands all what it takes to arouse and maintain suspense.

My final thought is: watch out the way you talk and the way you insert pauses,because by doing so you keep them waiting for what is next and therefore,gaining there full attention which is your ultimate goal first and foremost.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Art Of Public Speaking : How to use your Gestures

flailing and gesticulating out of control?get too flashy?too energetic? Chances are the audience that you are talking to has already dismissed you.

Without a shred of doubt,using gestures will add much more credibility to what you are uttering.however, the question that every public speaker should find an answer to is: How expressive should I communicate with others? Anyway,don’t tax yourself by looking for an answer, you will find it in the next lines.

First,as you may encounter, some gifted public speakers use this technique without being timid,the source of their gestures is their intuition.unlike some public speakers who seem naturally unemotional and inexpressive and consequently there arguments are feeble.bear in mind that gestures must be born not built. What does this mean?

Well, we all know that the sole puprpose of gesticulating is to engage the feelings and the minds of the viewers into an advanced level of anderstanding,serving this purpose requires you to properly align your gestures with your ideas.meaning, Gesture Should either be Simultaneous with or Precede the Words--not Follow Them .just imagine that you are overacting your gestures,would your thoughts be the audience’s focus? Of course not.

So, Gestures should be born of the moment ,come out natural and spontaneous without deliberately forced.actually there isn’t much to do, but here’s a little tip.Fisrt, chose a topic that you can comfortably talk about for around three you speak, gesture freely and then find ways of bringing your hands and arms to your this moment notice how you feel talking without too much out the adjustement your body tends to make help align your gestures with your thoughts.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Art Of Public Speaking : watch out your opening

The Opening of your speech is one of the most influential part during the process of impacting your audience.
the first thing to consider is not to begin the introduction with a shopping list of what is going to take place throughout your presentation.the objective behind the introduction is to grab your audience’s mind .to make this an achievable task,you need to open up your conversation with a question that is meant to stimulate their curiosity.alternatively,I highly recommend you to start your presentation with a joke,telling a joke is as you can find in this blog,is extremely effective to build a rapport with your audience and consequently,building a lasting connection between you and them.Equally important,your conclusion must include a statement that summarises the argument of the speech on top of the final conclusions.conclusions as studies have shown remain the most impressive as well as the most memorable part of the speech indeed, so make sure that your presentation includes an impressive introduction and an unforgettable conclusion to guarantee a powerful presentation.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

3 Ways To Keep Your audience’s attention

Have you ever felt awfully anxious the very moment of speaking to a huge number of people, and wish the ground to swallow you up and could fade away?

Have you ever undergone that jiffy while walking into the spot as though walking into a lion’s den?

Sounds familiar? These are specific experiences that all of us have had at one time or another….

Well, if it is not your case then probably you needn’t be here unless you are a nooooooosy person …. (just
kidding).However, if it is really your case, then you have to bear in mind that it really takes a lot of courage and determination to truly be successful at this. At any rate, this blog ( has been created only to address this setback,isn't it? The following tips will allow your true personality to shine through your speech on condition that you chase’em strictly. a deal ?? Let us go for it then.

1) being spontaneous is your clue to their hearts

Spontaneity is that the more we force it, the more we block it. Yeah, that’s right, being spontaneous is one of the qualities that one should be possesses to gain the audience’s admiration as well as attention. why do we do everything we can to make sure nothing spontaneous happen while we talk .well don’t get me wrong, being planned is very essential indeed, but let us give space to our spontaneity to show itself up.unfortunately,being spontaneous is something that we cannot work at nor strategize.

2) Unleash your hidden energy

Being energetic will send unspoken messages to your audience, meaning I’m with you, you are my focal point, I take you seriously and I don’t want to irk you. oooh I almost forget, being energetic could be achieved through spending some time by yourself, moving through space and consciously sensing energy within your body, thereafter dwell upon the happiest moment in your life ( it could be the day when you get married, your first kiss, the graduation name it) What matters is that something will create a strong sense of how thrilling it can be to feel energy flowing through your body. The only thing that you need to do is making it lasting as long as possible, in other words, have a control over your feelings and automatically over your inner energy.

3) Your voice

Tuning your voice is one of the most influential ways to get bonded with the audience, so playing with your voice have definitely a huge impact on your listeners. having an impact voice requires only the practice of deep breathing, regardless of how deeply you breathe at present, an ongoing practice will help send breathe into parts of your body that have for years held only pressure and strain. More importantly, it will help your voice to settle and mature without sprain.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No Fear: Public Speaking - Michelle Yozzo Drake

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Art Of Public Speaking : deadly mistakes

Do you want your audience to look down at you? Of course not,right?

Today’s lines will address two common deadly errors that 85% of public speakers do most of the time.Last week, i had attended a presentation that was held by a friend of mine.throughout the speech I detected those sort of lethals that made me thinking of dropping you these lines.

The first fatal mistake to avoid is apology.what you have to keep in mind is to never apology for anything at all except if you come too late or lose your voice.put yourself into this situation and you’ll put yourself under their plain English,your audience will not have confidence in what you are trying to pass on because you are showing up as a losy public speaker.

The second deadly mistake : DO NOT allude that you are the wrong speaker to talk simply because you are damaging your credibility by doing other point to consider is to not reveal that you have not prepared so well or something similar.Do either of these things and you’ll find yourself speaking to no one because your audience will lose trustworthiness in you.if you don’t have confidence in yourself, how could you expect an audience to have confidence in you?

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hi there, well actually I was asked by a visitor to talk about some quick tips to an effective public speaking,so since I’ve been asked to do so. I just wanna share some my views on it .actually, I come up with some quick tips to an effective public speaking delivery.

- I strongly believe that is very essential to be prepared.for anything that you do,it always requires you to be prepared,and in the setuation where you might be nervous going on stage , addressing a huge a huge crowd, it even more important to be prepared, because when you do so, even you are nervous and might forget something, then the most important will come out. So preparation will help especially in the moment when you forget something. At least, whatever you have prepared will flow.

- Similar to writing essays,when you give speech, you must be very organized, very concise and very coherent because when you give a speech it’s like you compose a piece of writing .It has to be more intresting than case you are not organized, people will just get lost, and when they get lost they probably ignore what you say regardless of how important your speech. Moreover, it has to be coherent, it even help you a lot , why ? because while you feel confortable, you are automatically confident, aren’t you? So, believe me it happenes naturally.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Art Of Public Speaking : Body Language

One of the most important element that should be taken into account during your presentation is the use of body language techniques. did you know that 55% to 65% of what you are trying to say is communicated by your body language-gestures, facial expressions,postures,movements,eye contact…etc-and almost 38% through your tone of voice; so if you make a simple calculation you will find that only 7% left for your words that you use. Additionally, the verbal part is addressed to convey only facts and statistics…etc,whereas, body language is used to communicate your audience’s feelings,so here we come to understand that learning what is body language really is, considered something that every public speaker should be aware of.apparently, if you master those techniques,be sure that you will create an enormous impact you have on your audience,so without farther ado,let’s get started.

1) Your clothes

the way you look and what you wear should be the first thing to consider before you stand up in front of your addressees.For instance, if you wear a suspicious clothes,people will make judgment about you even before you launch your talk,so its very important to decide which kind of clothes that suit the people whom you are talking to.

2) Be attentive to your facial expressions

Its well known that kind of expressions play a major role in influencing your audience’s emotions toward what you say,but you should be very careful when it comes to choosing the right facial expression in a given moment.Don’t use it unless you have the complete controle over your facial expressions.I highly recommend drawing a sweet smile on your face ,it would be a better choice ,in fact smiling will put you and your audience free from anxiety.

3) Eye contact

I’m not talking about that sort of eye contact that could melt icebergs and move mountains,rather when you are giving a presentation,keep eye contact with your people as normal as possible.because if you look afraid of making eye contact with them, then that rapport between both of you will be vanished,simply, because they feel that you are not talking to them.well the tip here is:as you speak, focu exclusively on keeping eye contact with one participant at a time,fully complete one thought with that member,then move to the next one. By
doing so,you’ll find yourself confident enough to hold an eye contact with every member in the room.

So we come to the conclusion that body language is a part and parcel of non-verbal communication. it plays an important function in the way you are perceived by others, hence body language has a huge impact on making a good first impression and certainly, this can be accomplished with practice of non-verbal behaviors.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Art Of Public Speaking : Using Humor

In today’s article, we’re going to focus on humor in your talks. Humorous words have the ability to make your message much more easier to swallow. Now, for sure you can find out there millions of Ideas that talk about using humor, but we’re going to share only five of them with you, so let’s explore each of them in turn.

1) Humor doesn’t mean jokes. Actually we strongly suggest staying away from some sorts of jokes. You know that our daily life is full of hilarious things which are funnier than those jokes that your audience have heard a thousand times a day, so the first source of humor is your individual personal life.

2) Humor is always appropriate, with some exceptions, every speech we have ever given always contains humor. Because what people learn with pleasure will never be forgotten. Moreover, it does not only help you strengthening the connection between you and the audience, but also it makes you genial by making them happy, as well as getting your point across efficiently.

3) Always use your own style rather than using someone else’s style, if your humor is too much different from your own personality, then you will get the exact opposite from what you’re seeking. You will make them feel like that you don’t deserve there attention at all. More importantly, do not force a humor style that is not authentic for other words,you have to be yourself.

4) Make sure that the humor relates to the point you are attempting to drive home. The humor should tie in with some aspects of your speech. If you don’t tie your humor with your presentation, the audience may like the joke, but will wonder what idea you are trying to call attention to is.

5) Remember you are not a slapstick comedian entertaining the audience. You are a serious speaker, seeking to help the audience to remember, Enjoy, and being impressed by using humor as a tool. Here’s another advice: be careful about launching into a long humorous story because as time passes by it may convert into a boring story. Actually you have to make sure that the humor is funny for you too or alternatively, try out with a small group of people exploring your humor voice is really make you entirely at ease.

Well, before we reach the last lines of this article, I would like to insert some sure-fire TIPS that will enhance your comic character as long as our blog is showing that this is the place where you can find public speaking tips to implement during your presentations.

1) Decide a comic that uses the same presentation as you, or a way you especially enjoy.

2) Watch videos and TV shows that headline the comedian you have selected.

3) Integrate the tactics and methods the comedian uses into your own presentations without sounding that you are acting like him because this will damage your trustworthiness.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Three Benefits Of Public Speaking

Sooner or later, public speaking will be something to look forward in the future.In that case, its important for you to be familiar with the benefits of public speaking,and the way that public speaking will boost your self-esteem as well as self-confidence.Furthermore, that experience of speaking in front of crowd builds trust and loyality with yourself,well if you are in a rush,let's explore what we can gain from being a public speaker.

1) without a shred of doubt,public speaking is an impactful tool to make your seelf-confidence goes up.Holding a huge audience will make you go through an experience of feeling a sort of excitement and pleasure, because your performance got a terrific applause from the being success with public speaking will give the confidence you need to success in other areas.

2) increasing your appearance is another benificial outcome of being in the spotlight. this will represent your high communication skills, and of course its an adventage over the other coworkers in your company.your bosses will take into consideration the charisma that you posses when they select a coworker to give a presentation because they know that you have the ability to brighten their company's image.

3) recieving recognition will come in different ways such us: gaining others admiration as well as making them trust on your ability to get the job done.

to sum up, being a successful public speaker will put you on the right route to success in your personal life over and above you carrer.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Introduction:Public Speaking Tips

In some specific life’s circumstances we could all find ourselves compelled of giving a public speaking .Because the person who is to deliver a public speech is supposed to attract the attention and the interest of the listening people, PUBLIC SPEAKING is somehow a hard task. There are many ways to master this skill, though.

On PUBLIC-SPEAKING-TIPS1.BLOGSPOT.COM, we have put together all the necessary knowledge and tips that allow you to be a good public speaker, by giving you the ability to move yourself from a complete” I don’t know anything” newbie level into the expert one just the help of a proven easy-to-implement tips and tactics to serve your overall purpose being a good public speaker all are available for free of charge.

Before going any further. We would like to know if you lattely saying any of the following “excuses” to yourself :

1) I think I can’t speak in front of a crowd without being stressed out nor nervous.

2) I don’t know which ideas can help me out to highlight my speech and which ideas I should avoid using.

3) I do not know how to develop a magnetic personnality that capture my audience’s attention.

4) I don’t have a clue about how to develop an appealing manner and presence on stage.

5) why am I always petrified before delivering speech?

So what ‘s the solution???

Over the years, we have worked with thousands of men and woman who have spent lot of time and efforts in order to obtain success in this area.
Eventually, thy did it.

We have found that there is a very simple formula to perfect public speaking. As simple as 1,2,3. However, you need a tremendous amount of self-discipline and willpower to implement it .

Its well-known that there comes a time in our life when public speaking becomes one of the requirement.furthermore , many carrers are built on public speaking. for instance : teachers, lawyers,broadcast journalists…etc.for all of them public speaking is a natural part in there daily life.likewise,leaders are routinely asked to share there perspective or provide a guidance in front of large people .

In short, everybody sooner or later has to deliver a speech in front of public. Please do not see the task as unlikable .instead, try to approach it as a lifetime chance to weaken the giant in your inside and unleash your hidden powers to further improve yourself.the earlier you start gaining experience, the better you will be at public speaking. This we promise you:the results will astonish and pleasure you.You will experience a completely new manner of being in front of a group.You will discover a courageous way of talking in public by using a very easy tips, and of course you will be amazed by the responses you unexpectedly elicit from your addressees.
But more importantly ,you will know the delight of speaking with true inner power,a power that was just waiting to be unleashed!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Art Of Public Speaking : Stage Fright

Plenty of people from privileged background find themselves in the moment when public speaking is required,wether you are a member of a golf club or an organizer of a charity, you will find yourself called upon to speak.However , the most commonly problem here is the disability to give a speech in front of an audience, this is a direct aftermath of the thought of giving such speech.moreover, the need of the basic skills that is necessary to deliver a given speech perfectly.

I know the question that get through your mind right now :

how could you help us with this?

What is the solution?

Is it complicated to master public speaking?

If YES could you make it easier for us to be an adequate public speaker?


Don’t panic !! in this blog ( generally and in this article particularly I will guide step by step to get through the barriers that stand as a wall between you and the world of excellent pulic speakers.

But, before proceeding further, I would like share with you some of the major reasons why do people fail at public speaking.

1) they are unprepared.

2) The believe that they will not meet others expectation .

3) They are stressed out days or maybe weeks before the scheduled day of speech.

4) They are aware of the way they look, and the cloths they wear.

5) Just the thought of the moment when they are in the spot to give information about something make them wishing the ground to swallow them up and could disappear.

6) Or maybe in some cases over self-confidence.

Straightforwardly, feeling an amount of fear is completely natural and normal .but what is abnormal is the overstated, of such sentiment. So the above mentioned reasons are bad habits that should be avoided.well in this case what should I do to make an impressive presenatation??


1) try to choose an attention grabbing headline for your speech, this will help to strengthen the connection between you and your audience.moreover, be as specifique as possible when it comes to style of your title(it can be dramatic,humorous,ironic…..etc)the list goes on and on, always the objective her is make your audience curious about what you have for them.

2) Most people respond to a story than facts and statistics, so inserting a little story will help a lot.

3) Make eye contact with your audience, be careful not to ignore one side of the audience, many speakers “side” unconsciously looking always to the left or the right, or only to the front or the back of the room.

4) Use the power of the body language to drive your ideas clear,loud and more support all what you attempt to say by using the right gestures,movement,posture and facial expressions, consequently, you find yourselfe making an enormous difference to the impact you have on your audience.

In short terms, when you are on stage, just make sure that you send the right message to your subconscious mind “YES, I’m not afraid”,”YES, I can handle this”, “YES, they will respond to what I say” and so on so forth.just be yourself and you will notice that you are confortable and so relaxed right after the first couple of minutes on stage.