Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Art Of Public Speaking : How to use your Gestures

flailing and gesticulating out of control?get too flashy?too energetic? Chances are the audience that you are talking to has already dismissed you.

Without a shred of doubt,using gestures will add much more credibility to what you are uttering.however, the question that every public speaker should find an answer to is: How expressive should I communicate with others? Anyway,don’t tax yourself by looking for an answer, you will find it in the next lines.

First,as you may encounter, some gifted public speakers use this technique without being timid,the source of their gestures is their intuition.unlike some public speakers who seem naturally unemotional and inexpressive and consequently there arguments are feeble.bear in mind that gestures must be born not built. What does this mean?

Well, we all know that the sole puprpose of gesticulating is to engage the feelings and the minds of the viewers into an advanced level of anderstanding,serving this purpose requires you to properly align your gestures with your ideas.meaning, Gesture Should either be Simultaneous with or Precede the Words--not Follow Them .just imagine that you are overacting your gestures,would your thoughts be the audience’s focus? Of course not.

So, Gestures should be born of the moment ,come out natural and spontaneous without deliberately forced.actually there isn’t much to do, but here’s a little tip.Fisrt, chose a topic that you can comfortably talk about for around three you speak, gesture freely and then find ways of bringing your hands and arms to your this moment notice how you feel talking without too much out the adjustement your body tends to make help align your gestures with your thoughts.


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