Friday, November 21, 2008

The art of public speaking: The importance of communication skills

Being able to communicate as good as Barak Obama is something that cannot be acquired overnight.Such ability to speak to groups of people and impacting them in a positive sense doesn’t accur automatically.Although,It’s possible as other skills such as reading and writing,but still,presenting is a wholly different matter.

Going through all the processes related to public speaking from preparing to rehearsing,and from organizing to delivering is somehow seems to be a hard skill to pin-down.this require you to have the charisma that is crucial to organize thoughts and
Let them out in manner that influences people to understand,believe or simply to act.Of course,these skills may be assimilated by life experiences.but,if you really want to deepen and shorten the track to reach the end,you should be very careful and attentive as your quest to master this skill goes on.

You know that in our world today.communication becomes a part and parcel of our daily life.the question is wether you are up to it or not.because if not,then there are others who are capable to take the have seriously to take some time and think deeply about it because these days you are evaluated according to wether you are a great communicator or not.Just take a look at people who are leading in their fields.certainly and undoubtedly,they are great if not outstanding speakers.Do you think it’s a coincidence? I don’t think so.You are to not think so.and you are to start working on mastering the skill of public speaking because it’s the only factor that will be taken in account wherever you go in our competitive society.

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The art of public speaking: The question-and-answer session

Having finished suming up your presentation’s main points and objectives.Now it’s time to think about giving your audience the chance to speak their this particular moment,you should be very sensitive in shifting the spotlight fom you to them.because if you do that in unexpected manner.chances are your audience will be perplexed, and none of them can pose a question only because you haven’t given them time to articulate their thoughts accurately and properly.though,If you indicate at the beginning and/or at the end that you will give them the opportunity to get their questions answered.Then,be sure that your question-and-answer session will be as exciting as your presentation.

There are certain rules to be respected when it comes to the transition process from the presentation to the interaction session.Among these,Stating the kind of questions that will be answered as well as the number.So,making such limitation will keep the course of this session as concise and to the point as possible.

Now,and after you have stated your rules,It’s time to aswer their questions.This might be a bit difficult as what are they going to raise is something out of your reach.however,with good preparation,you shall be able to answer as many questions as you can.An effective way to do so is to ask your collegues to find as many questions as their minds can possibly generate concerning the subject matter.Then,devote some time to answer these questions as long as they are related to the topic of your presentation.

Stage Fright Fears, "Fear public speaking" and Fear of Public Speaking are all history after a few hours in The CTRN Phobia Clinic's 24-hour VIP program.

Monday, November 10, 2008

How to overcome the public speaking phobia

Public speaking Phobia or public speaking fear is a psychological obstacle that faces most of the people when they asked to deliver a presentation in front of people.Usually, this public speaking phobia stem from the way we think about public speaking. What if people laugh on what I say? What if I forgot something? What if I couldn’t answer their questions? What if I couldn’t convince them? And the list of questions goes on and on.

To be condid,most of the people are asking themselves these questions In one way or in another before they speak.However,what makes the difference here is how willing you are to answer them and therefore to triumph your fears. Some people take the initiate steps whereas others remain passive, thus never make it through. To help you even further, look at some articles that I have posted in this blog that surely can help banish your fear.

Making this fear vanished is not as easy as it sounds. It requires, however some time and energy to spend. Focusing the aspects of your presentation is the sure-fire way to do so. This ranges from researching your topic to organizing it, and from preparing it to delivering it. As I said, you can find articles tackling every aspect of your presentation in this blog.

Being prepared and organized will certainly boost your self-esteem as well as self-confidence. In the meantime, it helps to minimize your fears and anxiety.

Ultimately, I hope that you use what is contained in blog in your quest of banishing your public speaking phobia.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Great Public Speaking Jobs

Having the flair for speaking in public? Then the whole public speaking jobs field is at your disposal.Companies,organizations and associations are longing to hire you.public speaking is a part and parcel of today’s communication,and you cannot imagine an economic progress without communication,can you ?
Being skillful in public speaking will open a world of opportunities for you.will provide the job of your dreams.because our economy hinges on,I post some of the top public speaking jobs that require great communication abilities:

-Public relations
-Advertising agent
-spokesman or spokeswoman
- Theatrical Critic
-Press Agent
-Radio News Announcer
-TV Show Host
-Contracts and Licensing Liaison
-Community College Instructor
-Public speaking instructor

Bearing in mind that the abovementioned jobs are highly profitable as well as demanded in the market today.So take the initial steps to have the job of your dreams.a job that aligns your potential.

Public Speaking Topics

There are a myriad of things that a presenter can do to entice his or her audience.Among these,Talking about the most recent public speaking topics.Finding a great public speaking topic is not a hard task.However,it requires some time to invest.Well,there are a huge number of public speaking topics that are available everywhere”Libraries,newspaper,mahazines,TV,radio,press releases,documents,booklets and of course the internet”
Just to help you even more,here are some of the most recent and hot public speaking topics:
-The world’s financial crisis
-Food crisis
-Gay marriage
-Global warning
-climate changes

What you have to a particular attention is not the topic itself.Rather,how is it compatible to the nature of your audience.Does it intrest them? Does it meet their expectations? Does is orhanized in a way that can persuade,inform or simply entertain them ?
The list of the questions can go on and on.Another important factor to take into account is how you back up your information? Do you have any reliable sources to support your arguments ?
All what is mentioned above should be taken into consideration when you brainstorm the topic of your upcoming public speaking event.
Of course,your topic may vary in accordance with the nature and the type of your audience.For instance,If you are talking to a group of business people,you won’t talk about cuisine recipes.Will you ?

Ultimately,before thinking about singling out a topic to talk about,study your audience first.Lear their expectations and work on finding out a topic that fulfill their prospects.