Wednesday, July 2, 2008

3 Ways To Keep Your audience’s attention

Have you ever felt awfully anxious the very moment of speaking to a huge number of people, and wish the ground to swallow you up and could fade away?

Have you ever undergone that jiffy while walking into the spot as though walking into a lion’s den?

Sounds familiar? These are specific experiences that all of us have had at one time or another….

Well, if it is not your case then probably you needn’t be here unless you are a nooooooosy person …. (just
kidding).However, if it is really your case, then you have to bear in mind that it really takes a lot of courage and determination to truly be successful at this. At any rate, this blog ( has been created only to address this setback,isn't it? The following tips will allow your true personality to shine through your speech on condition that you chase’em strictly. a deal ?? Let us go for it then.

1) being spontaneous is your clue to their hearts

Spontaneity is that the more we force it, the more we block it. Yeah, that’s right, being spontaneous is one of the qualities that one should be possesses to gain the audience’s admiration as well as attention. why do we do everything we can to make sure nothing spontaneous happen while we talk .well don’t get me wrong, being planned is very essential indeed, but let us give space to our spontaneity to show itself up.unfortunately,being spontaneous is something that we cannot work at nor strategize.

2) Unleash your hidden energy

Being energetic will send unspoken messages to your audience, meaning I’m with you, you are my focal point, I take you seriously and I don’t want to irk you. oooh I almost forget, being energetic could be achieved through spending some time by yourself, moving through space and consciously sensing energy within your body, thereafter dwell upon the happiest moment in your life ( it could be the day when you get married, your first kiss, the graduation name it) What matters is that something will create a strong sense of how thrilling it can be to feel energy flowing through your body. The only thing that you need to do is making it lasting as long as possible, in other words, have a control over your feelings and automatically over your inner energy.

3) Your voice

Tuning your voice is one of the most influential ways to get bonded with the audience, so playing with your voice have definitely a huge impact on your listeners. having an impact voice requires only the practice of deep breathing, regardless of how deeply you breathe at present, an ongoing practice will help send breathe into parts of your body that have for years held only pressure and strain. More importantly, it will help your voice to settle and mature without sprain.


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