Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Art Of Public Speaking : Using Humor

In today’s article, we’re going to focus on humor in your talks. Humorous words have the ability to make your message much more easier to swallow. Now, for sure you can find out there millions of Ideas that talk about using humor, but we’re going to share only five of them with you, so let’s explore each of them in turn.

1) Humor doesn’t mean jokes. Actually we strongly suggest staying away from some sorts of jokes. You know that our daily life is full of hilarious things which are funnier than those jokes that your audience have heard a thousand times a day, so the first source of humor is your individual personal life.

2) Humor is always appropriate, with some exceptions, every speech we have ever given always contains humor. Because what people learn with pleasure will never be forgotten. Moreover, it does not only help you strengthening the connection between you and the audience, but also it makes you genial by making them happy, as well as getting your point across efficiently.

3) Always use your own style rather than using someone else’s style, if your humor is too much different from your own personality, then you will get the exact opposite from what you’re seeking. You will make them feel like that you don’t deserve there attention at all. More importantly, do not force a humor style that is not authentic for you.in other words,you have to be yourself.

4) Make sure that the humor relates to the point you are attempting to drive home. The humor should tie in with some aspects of your speech. If you don’t tie your humor with your presentation, the audience may like the joke, but will wonder what idea you are trying to call attention to is.

5) Remember you are not a slapstick comedian entertaining the audience. You are a serious speaker, seeking to help the audience to remember, Enjoy, and being impressed by using humor as a tool. Here’s another advice: be careful about launching into a long humorous story because as time passes by it may convert into a boring story. Actually you have to make sure that the humor is funny for you too or alternatively, try out with a small group of people exploring your humor voice is really make you entirely at ease.

Well, before we reach the last lines of this article, I would like to insert some sure-fire TIPS that will enhance your comic character as long as our blog is showing that this is the place where you can find public speaking tips to implement during your presentations.

1) Decide a comic that uses the same presentation as you, or a way you especially enjoy.

2) Watch videos and TV shows that headline the comedian you have selected.

3) Integrate the tactics and methods the comedian uses into your own presentations without sounding that you are acting like him because this will damage your trustworthiness.


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