Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hi there, well actually I was asked by a visitor to talk about some quick tips to an effective public speaking,so since I’ve been asked to do so. I just wanna share some my views on it .actually, I come up with some quick tips to an effective public speaking delivery.

- I strongly believe that is very essential to be prepared.for anything that you do,it always requires you to be prepared,and in the setuation where you might be nervous going on stage , addressing a huge a huge crowd, it even more important to be prepared, because when you do so, even you are nervous and might forget something, then the most important will come out. So preparation will help especially in the moment when you forget something. At least, whatever you have prepared will flow.

- Similar to writing essays,when you give speech, you must be very organized, very concise and very coherent because when you give a speech it’s like you compose a piece of writing .It has to be more intresting than case you are not organized, people will just get lost, and when they get lost they probably ignore what you say regardless of how important your speech. Moreover, it has to be coherent, it even help you a lot , why ? because while you feel confortable, you are automatically confident, aren’t you? So, believe me it happenes naturally.


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