Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Art Of Public Speaking : deadly mistakes

Do you want your audience to look down at you? Of course not,right?

Today’s lines will address two common deadly errors that 85% of public speakers do most of the time.Last week, i had attended a presentation that was held by a friend of mine.throughout the speech I detected those sort of lethals that made me thinking of dropping you these lines.

The first fatal mistake to avoid is apology.what you have to keep in mind is to never apology for anything at all except if you come too late or lose your voice.put yourself into this situation and you’ll put yourself under their plain English,your audience will not have confidence in what you are trying to pass on because you are showing up as a losy public speaker.

The second deadly mistake : DO NOT allude that you are the wrong speaker to talk simply because you are damaging your credibility by doing other point to consider is to not reveal that you have not prepared so well or something similar.Do either of these things and you’ll find yourself speaking to no one because your audience will lose trustworthiness in you.if you don’t have confidence in yourself, how could you expect an audience to have confidence in you?


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