Friday, May 2, 2008

The Art Of Public Speaking : Stage Fright

Plenty of people from privileged background find themselves in the moment when public speaking is required,wether you are a member of a golf club or an organizer of a charity, you will find yourself called upon to speak.However , the most commonly problem here is the disability to give a speech in front of an audience, this is a direct aftermath of the thought of giving such speech.moreover, the need of the basic skills that is necessary to deliver a given speech perfectly.

I know the question that get through your mind right now :

how could you help us with this?

What is the solution?

Is it complicated to master public speaking?

If YES could you make it easier for us to be an adequate public speaker?


Don’t panic !! in this blog ( generally and in this article particularly I will guide step by step to get through the barriers that stand as a wall between you and the world of excellent pulic speakers.

But, before proceeding further, I would like share with you some of the major reasons why do people fail at public speaking.

1) they are unprepared.

2) The believe that they will not meet others expectation .

3) They are stressed out days or maybe weeks before the scheduled day of speech.

4) They are aware of the way they look, and the cloths they wear.

5) Just the thought of the moment when they are in the spot to give information about something make them wishing the ground to swallow them up and could disappear.

6) Or maybe in some cases over self-confidence.

Straightforwardly, feeling an amount of fear is completely natural and normal .but what is abnormal is the overstated, of such sentiment. So the above mentioned reasons are bad habits that should be avoided.well in this case what should I do to make an impressive presenatation??


1) try to choose an attention grabbing headline for your speech, this will help to strengthen the connection between you and your audience.moreover, be as specifique as possible when it comes to style of your title(it can be dramatic,humorous,ironic…..etc)the list goes on and on, always the objective her is make your audience curious about what you have for them.

2) Most people respond to a story than facts and statistics, so inserting a little story will help a lot.

3) Make eye contact with your audience, be careful not to ignore one side of the audience, many speakers “side” unconsciously looking always to the left or the right, or only to the front or the back of the room.

4) Use the power of the body language to drive your ideas clear,loud and more support all what you attempt to say by using the right gestures,movement,posture and facial expressions, consequently, you find yourselfe making an enormous difference to the impact you have on your audience.

In short terms, when you are on stage, just make sure that you send the right message to your subconscious mind “YES, I’m not afraid”,”YES, I can handle this”, “YES, they will respond to what I say” and so on so forth.just be yourself and you will notice that you are confortable and so relaxed right after the first couple of minutes on stage.


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