Friday, January 16, 2009

The Art Of Public Speaking : Controlling the audience

Preparation and rehearsal play an integral part of your presentation’s overall performance.However, throughout the course of presenting; you may come across some unexpected incidents, among these: problems with audience control. It is very possible that some of them may arise problems concerning what you say. Especially if the content of the presentation goes against either there expectations or against their beliefs vis-Ă -vis a particular topic. So in situations like this, one needs more than preparation to tackle the raised problem. So how can you deal with such embarrassing situation?

To be candid, I’ve never come across such circumstance.However, it worth sharing some tips and hints on how to surmount such problematic situation. If a member in the audience is being so unfriendly with you, then there must be a reason why he is doing so. Chances are he or she gets bored or disagrees with what you say. The key here is to not take it personally and second, do not engage in a one-to-one conversation with that person. You can appeal to members in the audience who certainly will be on your side. You may say ‘I understand that you disagree with what I say, and you are welcome to disagree with me, but can we put it off until I finish the presentation?’ After doing so, you can say something to the audience to calm them down. Something like ‘I hope that we are now feeling comfortable….etc’

The most important thing here is to be prepared first and make your audience interested and humored. So if you succeed in making them interested in what you say, then be sure that nobody will raise such problematic situations. The main thing to remember here to be as polite as you can, do not engage into conversations with that person and don’t take it personally.


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