Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Art Of Public Speaking: How do your audience remember what you say

After knowing your audience,what they want and what they need.I think that there is another task to fulfill.Have you ever wondered how do people process information? How do their brains store it ? Isn’t making them remember what you say is your fisrt and foremost concern ? Have you ever asked yourselef how our memory work?

Well,In these few lines,you will learn how to get your information remembered by yout audience for maximum impact.

It’s well known that what we see is more memorable than what hear because once you see something,your brain creates a mental picture about it so that it becomes more memorable than hearing it.apply this principle in your presentation and you’ll see a marvelous difference.In your presentations,you should get them use as many senses so that things become more intreseting for them.for instance,use animated visual graphics,give them assignment to do….etc.You want to know that the more senses that are involved in processing new things,the more it gets imprinted in the memory and the stronger will be the memories associated with that information.Another fact about memory is that is can be easily get borred if you give it more than seven information to process at once.So you have to be very careful when organizing the presentation to not exeed more than seven information at once.be sure that if you overload your speech with too much information,then your audience will get lost and start listening to listen to their internal thoughts rather than what you say.One final thought is to use individuals names to that to focus their attention and awaken their memory system in order for you to guarantee that your messages will get across smoothly.

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